• Services in Maize

    Special agronomic trials, like planting time, plant density, dry down. FAO calculation according to the official Hungarian Methodology. Hybrid characterization, description.
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  • Services in Sorghum

    Yield trial with observations
    Mini strip (mezo plots) trials
    Selfing in nursery
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  • Services in Soybean

    Yield trial with observations
    Mini strip (mezo plots) trials
    Line increase, harvested by hand (10-50 kernel)
    Line increase harvested by combine (15-5000 m²)
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  • Services in Sunflower

    Small plot yield trial (2 or 4 rows) with observations (14-28m²), Mini strip (mezo plots) trials. 8 rows, and 115m², Herbicide (IMIDAZOLINE resistance) trials, Hybrid characterization, description, In the nursery, selfing/maintenance of lines, crossing.
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About us

  • Found in March 2011
  • Located in South-West Hungary in Bóly
  • Field station: station with offices, preparing rooms, storage for machines on more than 1600 sqm, and a small cold storage for seed.
  • Scope of activity: support breeding, testing, product, and production research programs of private/public companies and organizations in Central Europe:
    • Hungary
    • Serbia
    • Slovakia
    • Romania
  • We are specialized to provide high quality service work in all segments of field research of corn, sunflower, soybean, sorghum.
  • Our team has more than 20 years experience in research, breeding, product development and production research work.

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Yield Trial

AgReserach Yield Trials Maize Yield trial with observations in Maize. +
AgReserach Yield Trials Sunflower Yield trial with observations in Sunflower. +
AgReserach Yield Trials Soybean Yield trial with observations in Soybean. +

Agricultural research

AgResearch Crop Service Ltd.

Winter Nursery

We are providing winter nurseries in two countries: Mexico and Chile.
We organize the whole chain, from the export of seed from Hungary, to the import of seed to Hungary, and export to the target country.