Corn silage trial - NEW

  • One, or Two location in 2018
  • Harvest whole plants
  • Using stationary chopper
  • Making dry samples for further analysis

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Services in Maize

  • Small plot (2 or 4 rows) yield trials with basic observations (9-28m²)
  • Mini strip (mezo plots) trials. 8 rows 115m²
  • Special agronomic trials, like planting time, plant density, dry down
  • FAO calculation according to the official Hungarian Methodology
  • Hybrid characterization, description
  • Nursery, with several observation possibilities
  • Selfing, hand crossing
  • Experimental seed production, and breeder seed increase by hand
  • Spraying (herbicide resistance (NON GMO)) trial
  • Production research trial, with flowering monitoring
  • Line observations, and description according UPOV requirements
  • Special observations and trials under naturally high infested Corn Rootworn field
  • Preparing highly infested (natural infection) trial fields
  • Root scoring according Iowa, or Oleson Tollefson scale (until 2010 scored ~ 100 000 roots)
  • Monitoring of swarming with feromon traps


Services in Maize, AgResearch

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